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These are the summaries of the publications regarding thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and general surgical diseases published by Dr Wong.

  1. Synchronous Bilateral Retroperitoneoscopic Cortical Sparring Adrenalectomies – Case Series and Literature Review. TJG Kendric and SL Wong. Case Series and Literature Review. J Surgical Endocrinol. 4(1):107-111 (2022).
    • In selected patients undergoing elective bilateral adrenalectomy, we prefer to utilise a synchronous approach as it allows for significantly shorter anaesthesia periods.
  2. How to Do It: Tips and Tricks in Laparoscopic Appendicectomy for the Junior Trainee. ZQ Ng, YT Seow, R Wijesuriya, SL Wong. SN Comprehensive Clinical Medicine. 2,1181-1183 (2020).
    • Acute appendicitis is a common surgical presentation and laparoscopic appendicectomy is one of the first procedures taught to junior trainees. Structured teaching aids their learning curve.  
  3. Transoral Endoscopic Thyroidectomy Vestibular Approach: Initial Experience in Australia. SL Wong, MK Yew, A Tien. Abstract Journal Endocrine Surgery. 89(S1), 49-55 (2019).
    • TOETVA is emerging as a ‘scarless’ alternative to open thyroidectomy that offers a cosmetic advantage. This is the first reported case series in Australia.
  4. Anticoagulation-induced unilateral adrenal haemorrhage and pseudoaneurysm. YT Seow, ZQ Ng, SL Wong – BMJ Case Reports CP, 2019.
    • Spontaneous unilateral adrenal haemorrhage (AH) is extremely rare. Its presentation is usually non-specific and requires a high degree of suspicion as it is associated with high morbidity and mortality if diagnosis is delayed.
  5. Electromyographic Amplitude Changes in the Laryngeal Adductors during Thyroidectomy with Vagal Nerve Stimulation: A Marker of Tensile Stress in the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve? J Lee, SL Wong, WR Johnson, MJ Yeung, S Grodski, JW Serpell and M Bailey. Int J Surg Res Pract. 2015, 2:1.
    • Most Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Palsies (RLNP) occurs with visually intact nerves, indicating neurapraxia. However the mechanism of RLNP neurapraxia.
  6. Anti‐thyroid antibodies as a predictor of thyroid cancer. SL Wong, S Grodski, MJ Yeung, JW Serpell. ANZ Journal of Surgery –  (First presented at RACS ASC 2013).
    • The literature suggests an association between autoimmune thyroiditis and papillary thyroid cancer. This study evaluates if positive thyroid antibodies are associated with thyroid carcinoma, and examines the role of thyroid antibodies in the management of thyroid nodules.


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